Adoméa Services,

Personalized support offered by a team of professionals

ADOMÉA SERVICES provides customized services according to your needs. Its values are: sharing, support and assistance.

Our goal is to help and support you in the main activities of your daily life, so you can spend more time with your family, at your leisure.

We work in 4 areas:

  • Daily maintenance of the interior of your home
  • Support to the autonomy of persons
  • helping families
  • Most of Adoméa Services

Adoméa is defined in 6 words:

  • Quality
  • Reactivity
  • Efficiency
  • Confidence
  • Professionalism
  • Discretion


Why choose us ?



Our quality charter



  • Discretion

    ADOMEA SERVICES is committed to pay special attention to the person and listen to their needs while respecting his privacy, freedom of opinion and expression. A code of conduct is signed by the intervener when he/she is hired.

  • Qualified and graduated at your service

    ADOMEA SERVICES is committed to implement for you a team of professionals to ensure qualified and graduated staff at your service


  • Transparency

    Quotation and prices are realized together. ADOMEA SERVICES commits to each of our customers to clearly and precisely present the benefits likely to achieve with the quoted rates without additional fees.

  • The commitments to interveners

    ADOMEA SERVICES ensures respect of labor law and professional qualifications, informs employees of their rights by signing internal regulations and promotes the professionalisation.


  • An attentive and customized reception service

    ADOMEA SERVICES offers a physical and telephone reception which allows the delivery of a qualified intervener as soon as possible. We also offer service continuity management in case of impediment or absence of the intervener.

  • Freedom

    Modular Services SERVICES ADOMEA must sign contracts with the customer to formalize the realization of benefits.